Thiefonce fans are dogging Brit’s #PieceOfMe moves saying she’s basic and can’t dance like she used to. Uhm, they can keep hatin’ because homegirl is killing it. Case and point:

Then they posted GIFs like these from Beyonce’s last show on her biggest forums praising her for this dance(?) breakdown.

BreatheHeavy member bloodyhell explains:

“This is from her show last night and they’ve been posting these all over another forum and talking about how she slays and she’s the better dancer and that everyone should go home because she’s the best etc. The first one is esp hilarious because they think it’s her best dance break. If this is the best then rofl. The GIF of Britney I’m comparing this to isn’t even anywhere near her best dance break or execution ever.”

Do Beyonce fans have the right to speak negatively of our Brit Brit? Are they right? Wrong?

For the record: I have no ***** to give about shading Beyonce fans after one of them escaped the Beyhive and infiltrated Exhell with an enormous Beyonce Logo earlier this week. Your attempt to take down the Britney Army failed boo boo.

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