We’re all guilty of it: looking at paparazzi pictures of Britney sun bathing, swimming, playing with her kids, reading a book, smoking a cigarette etc in her own backyard. All because the fans and media (and haters too I suppose) can’t get enough of the spectacle that Britney’s life had unfortunately become. Well, capturing Britney in a bikini may start to become a little more difficult.

A-lister Brad Pitt is threatening legal action over photos of his family at their French estate. According to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun, the photos were “surreptitiously” taken by paparazzi with “highly powerful telephoto lenses,” and, if published, would violate the star’s privacy rights. The photos show “Pitt and his family as they engaged in familial activities on private property,” according to Brad’s attorney Yael Holtkamp. The photos, which appeared earlier on DailyMail.co.uk today, have since been removed due to an agreement to “cease and desist from any further sale and dissemination” of the requested pictures.

One of the snap shots shows Brad with miracle baby Shiloh on his lap, as he drives his souped up golf cart – perhaps a big reason why papa Pitt demanded the photos be removed. Lucky for us, THIS WEBSITE still has the picture.

Britney, take notes. There may be a way to get this invasion of privacy under control with legal force, without having to move! Oh, and last time I checked, Britney got crucified for driving with Sean. Brad is Jesus?

Image Source: x17online.com

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