Lil Kim’s new video for “Nasty One”s is A VISUAL.


Lil Kim’s new video for “Nasty One”s is A VISUAL.


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Rap’s OG Queen dropped a luxurious clip for her latest release, and it’s quite a spectacle.

In the newly-premiered video via Complex, Kim serves lewks at an extravagant mansion, including wearing a bejeweled ****-tone onesie in the pool, dancing with her girls on the patio and licking a scantily clad man’s abs in the bedroom. Kim’s video is everything I want in my near future.


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“The single instantly reminds me of when I use to go to the underground clubs as a teenager,” Lil’ Kim tells Complex. “I naturally wanted the video to reflect that with the super **** Caribbean vibe, vivid colors and the dancing. When my fans watch the video, I want them to ultimately jump up and groove with it.”


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“Nasty One” lands on Kim’s forthcoming album out later this year.

Watch below:


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