Wiz Khalifa uses the melody to rap about weed, Kate Hudson does a “Hello” Dubsmash and kids react.

Wiz Khalifa, Kate Hudson and a group of kids say hello from the other side.

What happens when you have one of the biggest songs of all time? An array of viral reactions… Here are the latest:

■ Wiz Khalifa reimagines “Hello” by changing the words around to something more fitting for him, renaming it (after needing to be reminded what the original title was) to “Hella-Os.”

He raps, “Roll one up and let’s get high/ I am trying to get fried / I brought some weed and you can smoke/ You tryna get high, I’m tryna toke.”

■ Kate Hudson participated in a Dubsmash on Fallon the other night, opting to lip-sync “Hello.”

■ You’re going to need your morning coffee before watching a bunch of kids react to it.

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