Celebrity lady-type of 2004 has to go to Britney Spears.

First she thrilled us with her Las Vegas shotgun wedding to some geezer called Jason Alexander. Then got it annulled in record time.

The whole romantic affair lasted about 55 hours.

In between wearing bad clothes, smoking and generally becoming more of a chav than Coleen McLoughlin, she released the foot-stamping Toxic which allowed us to forgive her everything.

And then along came Kevin whatshisname. A dancer who resembled Justin Timberlake, except without the manners.

Apparently, they had just 15 family members present and everyone was made to wear velour tracksuits to the after-party.

Reports said guests had to fork out for their own booze and scoff mini cheeseburgers and chicken strips which tasted like fish sticks.

Then they swanned off on their honeymoon and Britters got snapped on their hotel balcony clutching Kev’s tackle and asking him to cough.

And now we have to put up with him appearing in her videos, and silly letters getting posted onto her official website that drop hints about babies, motherhood and families.

No, we’re not sure what she’s on about either.thanks toxiclady.net

Source – Megastar

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