Their LP drops Friday 13.

The xx kick off 2017 with a brand new track.

“Say Something Loving” is the second track to be shared from the trio’s forthcoming third LP, “I See You”, and is a gorgeous addition to the lead single.

The uplifting track, which samples the Alessi Brothers’ 1976 track “Do You Feel It?“, sees the singers Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft seeking a reminder of intimacy.

“I say something loving / I can’t hold it inside, the thrill of affection / Is only getting stronger,” they back-and-forth on the anthemic chorus. “I say something loving / All my hesitations are fading, fading / I feel it taking over.

“Say Something Loving” follows the grander vibes of lead single “On Hold“, which is to be expected on the LP after the band described the sound as more “celebratory” than their previous work.

Speaking to the New York Times, Sim said the new album is “celebratory — it’s not all ‘Woe is me.’ Of course, given what we’ve done before, my version of celebratory is pretty different from somebody else’s.”

“I See You” drops Friday 13 – but I don’t see this LP bringing them any bad luck.

Listen to “Say Something Loving” below.

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