Innocent until we are proven guilty.

“We are innocent until we are proven guilty.”

After One Direction called it quits and began pursuing solo careers (and fathering children), the world was left with an aching boyband void, but not to fear… Citizen Four is here!

The group, made up of YouTube star and X Factor Season 3 finalist Josh Levi, Austin Percario and brothers Carson and Conner Boatman, are journeying into the rocky waters of stardom with major label backing from Island Records, a division of Universal Music Group. They recently released their new song “Testify,” a mid-tempo pop gem that takes a liking to a Skrillex / Bieber production. It’s the first cohesive taste ahead of their debut studio album, which is currently in the writing and recording stages.

“‘Testify’ is a declaration of loyalty,” they tell “We feel that it slightly blends culture sonically, which reflects who we are as a band.”

They add: “As a first single, we wanted something that felt authentic to us and had high energy as an intro for C4. We heard the song acoustically, and decided to build it up to be a jam for everyone wanting to prove loyalty.”

They also shared an inspiring message for their young fans: “No matter the circumstance, always find space to be yourself. At times–because of society–it’s a true challenge to release your greatest, most authentic potential because not everyone can handle it, but always know that you can’t hold yourself back.”

Give “Testify” a listen below:

And just for fun, check out their SFW cover of Rihanna’s “Needed Me.”

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