He warns fans it’s not safe for life.


UPDATE // OCTOBER 12: Heads up: The Weeknd’s new music video for “False Alarm” premieres on Thursday! The singer warned fans to expect a “gritty” visual.

UPDATE // SEPTEMBER 30: The Weeknd sounds the alarm on new song “False Alarm.” It’s an high energy dance track that strays Tesfaye away from his original chilling R&B roots and further into the realm of pop. “False Alarm” is a devious departure for the Starboy, but it works. The natural progression of his music is his own doing, though it will be interesting to see him perform it live. We’ll get that chance come October 1 when The Weeknd hits the stage at the Meadows Music Festival in NYC then a performance on SNL later that night. Listen to his experimental new song below:


This is not a drill (though it sounds like one).

The Weeknd just released a sinister music video for his brooding new song “Starboy” off his forthcoming album of the same name, and he’s not letting up.

Late Wednesday night, Tesfaye alerted fans he has another Starboy cut on the way: “False Alarm,” and it drops Thursday.

The star boy is slated to perform on the season premiere of SNL this Saturday (Oct. 1), and it’s likely he’ll perform both new songs.

We’ll update this post when the song premieres(!!!).

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