The Weeknd Drops “In The Night” Music Video: Watch

December 8, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Watch the latest Beauty Behind The Madness visual.


Point blank: The Weeknd’s new music video for “In The Night” will take you on a trip.

The latest Beauty Behind The Madness visual is a rare peak inside Abel Tesfaye’s imagination.

In the BRTHR FILMS-directed video, The Weeknd comes alive at the midnight hour in the city streets amidst the pink and blue hues. Seduction, money, violence and a love for all things sinful consume Tesfaye. He follows his heart through a wondrous world of toxic encounters in a visual that’s as beautiful as it is eerie.

His quest for unrequited romance nearly kills him, but the very thing that was almost his demise is the very thing that sets him free.

The cinematography is colorful, but the tone remains dark. Watch below:

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