The Weeknd BH Buzz: Madonna, Rihanna, Iggy

March 19, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Madonna dodged a bullet, stream new Rihanna remixes, Iggy Azalea clarifies her “psychotic breakdown” comment and more.


■ Madonna exposed a teenage woman’s breast at her Rebel Heart show in Brisbane earlier this week, and the backlash for her stunt was witnessed around the world. Everyone seemed to have a problem with the indecent exposure… everyone except the woman. The press tracked the 17-year-old down, who had this to say:

“It was nothing. It was so nothing. It was a funny little slip-up, and that was it. If anything, it was a bonding moment with Madonna. I didn’t even think of it. It was so nothing to me… it’s ridiculous to me that it’s such a big deal right now. Honestly, I don’t think she did anything wrong.

Still doesn’t make it right… Madonna dodged a bullet with this one (it might sound like she’s an unapologetic *****):

■ Rihanna dropped a bunch of “Work” remixes exclusively on TIDAL:

■ Iggy clarified a statement she made to Schon magazine claiming she had a “psychotic breakdown.”

She says: “Well, not psychotic. I’m a bit of an exaggerator. I think it can get a bit claustrophobic — this whole gossip thing that we have in the entertainment industry. It almost reminds me of a soap opera. It’s like other people write your narrative for the soap opera and it is your real life and you might not want to have that storyline.”

■ Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco talks old times with Panic, new music, solo career and making out with Ryan Gosling.

■ Halsey and Diplo go for a swim:


A photo posted by halsey (@iamhalsey) on


A photo posted by halsey (@iamhalsey) on

■ Ashanti’s stalker was found guilty. [TMZ]

■ Taylor Swift made a surprise appearance at a Nashville, Tennessee, children’s hospital to help “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest open a broadcast studio for patients. [Billboard]

Did we leave anything out?