The Wanted love to talk about Brit, whether it’s their bodyguard story or damage control, they’ve always got something to say!

Band member Tom Parker said the first time they met Brit she didn’t shine how they thought she would.

”Britney’s beautiful and a nice girl, but when we met her, I expected her to have more personality,” he told TOTP magazine.

“I feel sorry for her ‘cos she’s had a lot of stress in the last five years, and she’s done so much from a young age.

“I guess it’s the same with Nathan,” he added, referring to bandmate Nathan Sykes, who began professionally singing at an early age as well.

“He started young and I’m sure in ten years, if we’re still going, he’s going to be like, ‘When is this going to end?'”

Britney doesn’t need your pity.

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