The Wanted want to clarify their recent drama with the Queen of Pop, who claimed they had to face the wall when she walked by backstage, according to a recent interview with

“We did an interview about when we were supporting Britney and Siva mentioned when the security made him turn away… then everyone said ‘The Wanted are slagging off everyone.’ We’re not!”

“On a first impression basis as a person I would say I dislike Christina Aguilera. When we met Britney she was so friendly. Very innocent. The dude that told Siva to turn around was some pushy security. Nine times out of 10 if people make it that far it is because they are nice and someone wants to help them out.

They continued to bash Christina, but wanted people to know they like Britney.

“The people around them, it’s their job to be a little dickish – Christina is probably the exception to that.”

“We’re not bitchh-slapping everyone. We’re just honest. We’re not trying to make friends.”

And you certainly haven’t! But Britney fans are over hearing from you!

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