I was a reporter at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday for OK! Magazine, so when I got the chance to interview The Wanted, of course I had to ask them about their recent Brit Brit drama.

“You know what? The whole Britney thing got really blown up. Siva [Kaneswaran] said it as a bit of a joke, like that’s what actually what happened when we were walking through the corridor.”

“It wasn’t actually her, it was her security guy that was like ‘FACE THE WALL.’ Yeah, we’ve met Britney twice before – such a sweet, sweet girl, and great music.”

They’re ready to move past the controversy and chimed in with some positive thoughts about Britney’s X Factor gig.

“I’m very excited for her to be the X Factor judge,” Nathan Sykes said. “Her and Demi Lovato; great pairing. Two beautiful girls right there.”

“I think the two new judges are gonna bring a really good guidance to younger musicians and contestants because Britney was that way when she was younger,” he added, “so it’s gonna be interesting how they coach through the stages.”

Tom also advocated Britney as judge telling OK!, “I think Britney Spears will say what she thinks, which I think is a great thing.”

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