I absolutely love britney’s “my perogative” video. She is telling everybody that it doesn’t matter what they think or what they say about her, she is going to do what she wants and live her life the way she wants to and that shows so much power and confidence. Those things are what make a great artist and Britney is definetly one of them. Rock on Britney!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

I absolutley loved the “My Prerogative” video! It was amazing. She looked beautiful in it. Sometimes I forget that it’s Bobby Brown’s song because it suits her so well. I think it’s her best video yet! By the way, did you see how she used Curious in the video? I thought that was cute! Oh yeah, Kevin looked hot also!

I had my bestfriend tape the premier of My Perogative on TRL because I was going to be in class. She was not very excited and reluctantly taped it. After she watched it, she called me screaming about how great it was and it could be one of her best videos yet. I had to see it myself and I must say, we have watched the video at least 30 times
since it premiered yesterday. She is so amazingly beautiful. When she is making music, she is at her best. Its as if she is happy again and all of the bad press fades away. I was also surprised at how hot Kevin is. When you change his style, he looks amazing. If only Britney
could get him to dress that way off the video set. I cant wait to watch the video again.

I live in the UK, and My Prerogitive was premiered today (Thursday 16th Sept) on radio… I think it’s an AMAZING song and it’s already been predicted to go to number one when it’s released here! I go on www.britneyspears.org everyday to look at updates on Britney because she is simply the best!! Your site rocks!! I think she should be left alone right before her wedding by all the press, because they are always complaining she looks trashy! She only looks spotty etc because of all of the stress from the camera’s etc. If they leave her alone, maybe she would be able to look amazing (which I’m sure she will anyway) on her wedding day! She goes through alot and she doesn’t deserve the critiscism she gets! Anyway, thanks for reading…
Harrogate, England, UK

OMG I LUV THAT VIDEO :-D, the beginning is the best and VERY different than the others driving her car into a pool awsome. It was also cute when britney and kevin got married. idk what else 2 say! it was awsome! ok, well thats it, britneys always the best!!!
always a fan

I personally think that the song choice “My Prerogative” may be good lyric wise, but the beat will definately have to grow on people I cant voice enough my dissapointment that Spears didnt release another “In the Zone” track. It was one of the better albums in the past 10 years, and i had hoped she would release more tracks in time for Christmas and continue the Onyx tour. It seems Spears’ has accepted her reputation for fast burning albums despite “Zone’s” legs.

The video itself was much more risque than i had thought. Darker and more artistic too, its definately no “Toxic” but it is better than “Me Against The Music” and the video for “Everytime” but the song will have to grow on me, its not as good as “Toxic”, “Oops” “Baby” “Stronger” “Touch of my hand” or “Breathe On Me” but theres about 1000 other Spears songs which it beats hands down.

While i awaited the new track, ive been listening to Liveonrelease’s “Im Afraid of Britney Spears” which im sure all Spears fans will find hillarious too.

thanks britneyspears.org

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