Criss Angel seems to have worked his magic on Britney. The two are preparing a unique performance for the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas this September. But does he genuinely care for Britney, or is he playing his hand in the never ending line of people using Britney for personal gain? What caught my eye was the mention of his manager in the article: “Her manager is my manager, and I’m helping with one of her shows.” Criss Angel is referring to Jeff Kwatinetz, a CEO of a major management company located in Beverly Hills called the Firm. Britney has not officially signed with Kwatinetz yet, but it looks to me that Criss Angel is being used to help in just that. So does he have Britney’s best interests at heart, or is he being used to get Britney to officially join the Firm?

Only time will tell, but Britney said it best: “Be wary of others, the ones closest to you. The poison they feed you, and the voodoo that they do.”

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