The Australian sisters address their Prime Minister in an open letter.


The Veronicas have taken a public stand supporting same-*** marriage.

Unfortunately, Australia is still stuck in a rut when it comes to recognising the rights of same-*** couples.

While landmark progression has been made in the USA and Ireland recently, marriage equality is still currently not legal in any Australian states or territories.

While it was briefly legalised in one state in 2013, the bill was nullified months later and, since then, progress has practically ground to a halt.

The nation’s current leader, Tony Abbott, is the Aussie equivalent of a Republican – conservative, old-fashioned, and wildly out of touch with the wants and needs of the Australian general public today.

Pop-rock group The Veronicas have had enough and are calling out Prime Minister Abbott in a bid to help Australia’s uphill battle for proper recognition. Their urgency regarding Australian equal rights comes about because the Prime Minister will be assessing a bill regarding marriage equality later this week. Abbott has continually dismissed the issue any time it is brought to his attention.

Jessica and Lisa attended an LGBTQIA rally in Brisbane, and then posted an open letter to Facebook urging the Australian government to take the issue seriously:

An open letter to Prime Minister Abbott

An open letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Posted by The Veronicas on Sunday, 9 August 2015

“Now is the time for us to get loud! Now is the time for us to kick and scream for human rights! We are here for love, pure and simple. Who you love is none of the government’s goddamn business!”

They urged fans on Twitter to do the same:

It appears the Veronicas campaign may have struck a chord – or at least come at the right time – because the pair posted this update a few hours ago:

BREAKING: The Liberal Party are now meeting at 3:15pm for a special coalition party room meeting to debate the government’s position on same-*** marriage. It’s make or break for marriage equality. Please, call your Liberal representative’s office right now and urge them to back a free vote. Click here:

Fingers crossed…

EDIT: Sigh. Maybe next time.