Check out the unplugged version of The Veronica’s latest single.


The Veronicas strip back their latest single.

Fresh from their Voice Australia performance and music video release, The Veronicas continued their promo blitz for new single ‘In My Blood’.

The Aussie sisters took the EDM-pop song back to its basics and brought the passionate lyrics to the forefront with a guitar/piano acoustic performance that emphasised the best of their vocals and produced some stunning melodies:

Jessica and Lisa recently hit back at online bodyshamers after a derogatory comment on Facebook told them to “eat something”. They responded:

‘It makes it so exhausting and hilarious when people try to have the conversation with us with the most ignorant statements, like a troll on Facebook on a photo, because [healthy eating] is something we’ve taken very personally in our personal life for over six or seven years now and it’s been a passion’

In My Blood is currently sitting at #3 on the official Australian charts, and is #1 on Oz iTunes.