The Spice Girls are looking for a wannabe.


The Spice Girls are looking for a wannabe.

To celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Spice Girls, Mel B, Geri and Emma have plans to perform a show at Hyde Park next July, and are going to need help from some super fans.

Mel C and Victoria Beckham are not joining along because of other priorities (Mel C is releasing a solo album and Beckham has a fashion empire to attend to), so it’s up to the remaining three to concoct a comeback.

According to The Mirror, the band is in talks to hold auditions via a talent show where and “heats would culminate in a live week of shows, set for April.”

When asked why Mel C and Beckham weren’t participating, Mel B jokingly said “because the other ******* didn’t want to do it.”

She added: “I don’t think we could ever replace Sporty or Posh but I’d like to invite other people to sing with us.”

Please stop. Stop it right now.

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