Britney Pepsi cans exist, and nothing else matters.


Britney Pepsi cans exist, and nothing else matters.

The world is in a very weird place right now, and Pepsi is aware of that. They tried to heal our planet and embrace racial equality by featuring Kendall Jenner in one of their ads, and that didn’t work out too well for them. However, their latest move just might save the day!


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The princess of pop is featured on selective cans. I don’t know much more about this, but said cans popped up on the Internet today. It’s a shot of Brit’s face from her iconic 2001 Pepsi ad.

See what the (all new!!!) Exhale is saying about this.

You may recall the brand featured Brit in their commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

From what I’ve gathered, these select cans are hidden in seemingly normal boxes of Pepsi – meaning, you’ll have to cross your fingers and hope for the best when buying a 12-pack. I’d like to mention I personally believe soda is ******** contributing to the world’s obesity crisis, but I’ll take diabetes for a can of Pepsi with Britney’s face on it any day.

See more below:


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