Well that was awkward.

Well that was uncomfortable.

The Sun is notorious for stirring the Internet cauldron, and their latest trickery didn’t sit well with Fifth Harmony. The ladies granted the publication’s Dan Wootton an interview to talk about their forthcoming self-titled album, but they got more than they bargained for when the reporter slung a handful of questions about Camila Cabello at them.

Wootton doesn’t beat around the bush. He brings up the back and forth between Camila and the band that took place following her announcement that she decided to leave the group. “She seemed to say she’d been upfront and honest about why she wanted to leave.”

The girls don’t bite. “Right now we’re focused on each other,” they said. “We’re so excited in the now and we have so much to look forward to.”

Dissatisfied, Wootton shoots off a loaded question: “She also said she was uncomfortable being sexualized within the band. How difficult was that to hear?”

They respond: “We know how hard we worked. We know how our choreography makes us feel and how empowered we feel. We have our voices, which are incredible and surpass anything else. But yeah… I mean.”

Then there’s a long pause, so Wootton fires off another:

“When you have a bit of a break up on social media, you always end up unfollowing each other,” he says.

That’s when Lauren Jauregui chimes in: “Can we, can we not…” And it all goes downhill from there.

We saw this coming. Jauregui and Wooton had a bit of a spat on Twitter yesterday (August 16) about it.

We even got in a bit of the action, and Harmonizers seemed pleased (1000+ likes, slay).

The interview is a bit of an uncomfortable listen, but I suppose that’s what you get when uncomfortable questions are involved. Check it out below:

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