The Sun can go to hell! But whatever, She only looks hefty here cause shes leaning forward, if she didnt have skin there, she’d weigh freakin 5 pounds in total. Click the picture below to access the entire set. BRITNEY Spears used to have a figure to DIE for – now it’s looking like one to DIET for.

The pop babe was seen reading a slimming magazine as she tumbathed, sorry sunbathed, in a green bikini. She also seemed to be displaying a lot more up top as well, with her bikini almost busting under the strain at a spa resort in Santa Monica, California.

Britney, 22, showed good intentions by eating a low-calorie prawn salad while chatting on the phone. A friend said: “Britney hates being overweight and is keen to shed the pounds she has put on since getting wed.”

Ah, that might explain it – after all, she did marry junk food fan Kevin FEDerline!


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