Kev fired up for Brit

KEVIN FEDERLINE has been learning how to shoot so he can protect his new wife BRITNEY SPEARS.

It all sounds a bit scary to me. One of Britney’s bodyguards, burly Todd, has been giving Kevin lessons on how to handle a handgun.

The pair have been going for target sessions while they are hanging out in Britney’s home town of Kentwood, Louisiana.

A source told me: “Kevin decided he needed to do it in case anything should happen to Britney. She’s not keen but Kevin is insistent.

“He’s seen some of the strange people who follow her around.”

Stalkers have certainly posed a problem for Britney.

She was forced to take one Japanese businessman to court because he followed her everywhere and showered her with gifts.

Another stalker was arrested after spending every day sitting on the doorstep of the singer’s apartment in Santa Monica, California.

Carrying a gun sounds more like a job for Britney’s bodyguards, not the boy wonder.

But at least Kevin is taking his role as a dutiful husband seriously.

Since the couple got married last month they have been holed up at her mum Lynne’s house on an extended honeymoon.

For once I hope Kevin turns out to be firing blanks.

-The Sun

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