Brit is a Scream

THIS is BRITNEY SPEARS’ latest trick to make sure she’s the centre of attention – wearing a mask from the movie Scream.

The twice-married pop star wants us to think she covered her face to avoid photographers during a night out. But of course the ridiculous get-up is just bound to get her noticed.

And to make absolutely sure no one missed her, she chucked milkshake at my snapper.

Brit’s little sister Jamie Lynn and two pals joined the act as mum Lynne drove them to a fast food joint in Britney’s home town of Kentwood, Louisiana.

The singer and new hubby KEVIN FEDERLINE have started married life looking like trailer trash fodder for the JERRY SPRINGER show.

And they are living up to the image by living on a diet of junk food.

Do you need any more evidence that all they do is pig out on burgers and fries? Then check out Kev’s belly. It is obviously a long time since the penniless ex-dancer donned his tap shoes.

Thank goodness the pair scrubbed up to exchange vows. Thanks slippingunder.

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