She had just left the hospital.

Selena Gomez bared her soul in a new still from the “Bad Liar” music video shoot.

Tomorrow, the pop star will unveil her new song “Bad Liar,” a tune about pining over an ex. The singer shared several teasers of the track on Instagram, revealing it samples Talking Heads’ 1977 hit “Psycho Killer.” She also posted a hazy image of herself. The picture, taken by photographer Petra Collins, shows a vulnerable Selena staring into the lens with glossy eyes and wearing a “RISK” bracelet – several inches below that is a bandage wrapped with tape around her forearm.

Here Are The Lyrics To Selena Gomez’s New Tune “Bad Liar”

Fans began speculating the photo played into the themes of self-harm – the controversial subject matter that takes center stage in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, which Gomez executive-produced. But after a little digging, the truth came to light.

Collins – who has since disabled users from commenting on Instagram – responded saying the photo was actually taken “straight from the hospital” after Gomez was treated for lupus.

What’s most beautiful about the picture is the realness behind it. The bracelet, the bandage, the emptiness in her eyes – it’s not because the cameras were rolling. It’s the other way around; Gomez left an experience that sunk her confidence, and a photographer was there to capture it.

The irony that her song is titled “Bad Liar,” yet here Selena is… as honest as she can get. There’s something special about that.

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