Here is Sean Preston’s life horoscope made by one of the worlds leading astrologers Susan Miller:
Already in an euphoric state after the birth of their baby boy, Britney and hubby Kevin would probably be over the moon, after reading their baby’s horoscope.
According to The New York Daily News astrologer, Britney’s boy, being a Virgo, will have a sensitive nature, and will love to read and learn. He will also have a quick mind and will be quite an original thinker, thanks to the influence of Uranus in the third house.
He will also inherit a lot of his mother’s Sagittarian qualities, that will lend him a very sunny disposition, a love for traveling and playing sports.
Not only will he be organized, modest, and extremely hardworking, he will also have a strong idealistic streak, the astrologer adds.
He is likely to rise to the very top of his profession and earn respect in his own right, as Jupiter, the planet of gifts and luck, is in his house of fame and career success.
According to his birth-chart, with his moon being in Aquarius, he will have a natural flair for radio and television, and will have plenty of money, which he will earn much of himself when he grows up, the astrologer predicts.
And as an icing on the family cake, the astrologer predicts that Britney’s marriage will be a happy one, as she wed on the luckiest day of the year.

Credit: BritneyExperts

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