Tegan and Sara propose without rings in the “BWU” music video.


Tegan and Sara propose without rings in the “BWU” music video.

True love can exist with or without a shiny engagement ring, right? It does in Tegan and Sara’s new music video for “BWU” (which stands for ‘be with you’), the fourth single from their eighth LP, Love You to Death, following “U-Turn,” “100x” and “Boyfriend.”

Quin tells Rolling Stone “BWU” is an “anti-wedding song.”

“I was happy when the Supreme Court ruling legalized same *** marriage in the U.S.A.,” Sara said of the song to Entertainment Weekly. “But I was also relieved that I could finally ‘come out’ as a person who actively dislikes the institution – specifically the assumption that by not participating in the ritual you are a deviant or unlikely to share the same common values as someone who does.”

“‘Be With You’ is interesting because Tegan and I were such big advocates of the same-*** marriage movement in the United States and in Canada,” she added to RS. “But the twist is that I, personally, don’t want to be married. I don’t have any interest in that sort of social hierarchy, where if you’re not married then your relationship is not as significant as people who are. I hate all of that. Now that I’ve fought for the right, and we’ve had success with the Supreme Court, I feel like it’s important for me to be honest, too. There’s strength in saying, ‘I don’t need a piece of paper or a ring or a wedding or photos to show how significant my commitment to a relationship is.'”


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