The Reviews Are In! Well, Almost

The reviews for “Britney Jean” are in, and it’s received mixed reviews from journalists, bloggers, writers, whatever the **** someone who writes on the Internet for a living identifies themselves as. This album is for the fans, but it’s great to hear how the majority of the music industry still respects her as an artist 15 years later. There are a few not-so-nice reviews mixed in, but hey… it wouldn’t be a Britney Spears album without a phew negative write-ups, right? #Famous

However, there is one website missing. Get ready for the #BritneyJean takeover on BreatheHeavy today! Eat, drink, and read about Britney… What could be better on Thanksgiving?

In the mean time, check these out:

USA Today
“As a musical reintroduction, certainly, Britney Jean offers as much grace as anyone could have expected.”

Rolling Stone
“‘Britney Jean’ continues the roll she’s been on in recent years… Britney remains the queen who out-bangs, outbooms, out-bizarres them all.”

The Telegraph
“Britney Jean is polished pop but beneath the gleam lie banal lyrics and a lack of personality.”

“Britney Jean is the first Britney Spears album in which the singer is credited as a co-writer on every track. This suggests that Britney might be vying for some kind of artistic credibility. Alas, it’s more likely that she’s finally decided to grab a chunk of those lucrative publishing royalties for herself.”

LA Times
“‘Britney Jean’ shows a more vulnerable Britney Spears.”

“Britney Jean,” her first album released in her thirties, is a subtle shift away from frantic bangers and into more forthright songwriting.'”

Entertainment Weekly
“In just 10 tidy songs, it brings us closer than ever before to this distant dreamer.'”

The Guardian
“Britney Spears’s eighth album has been billed variously as a sequel of sorts to fan-favourite Blackout, her very own Ray of Light-style reinvention, and a personal album “specifically for my diehard fans”. For the most part, these proclamations seem completely misplaced.'”

Now Magazine
“Over eight albums, her somewhat inscrutable je ne sais quoi has never really faltered.”

Time Out
“Britney’s latest is a mixed bag, but at least she’s found her voice again.”


“Britney Jean is a solid pop record that occasionally tries to answer some of those questions while also feeling like the Spears album where she’s the most absent.”

Toronto Sun

“That’s all there is to the shallow Britney Jean. But what does she care? Like Elvis in the ’70s, she’s headed to Vegas, where Ms. Work Ethic will soon avoid the rigours of touring by lip-synching the same show in the same room night after night for an endless stream of suckers and sycophants.”

“For the first time in her career, Britney has released an album that is just okay — by her standard, anyway.’”