The Return of Róisín Murphy

March 26, 2015 By Jarvis

Roisin Murphy

The original innovator is back.

It’s been about eight years since we’ve had a new English language single from the Irish singer Róisín Murphy. It seems like she’s picking back up where she left off with one of her biggest hits “Overpowered.”

She’s back with the same laid back electronic grooves and lyricism that made her popular the first time around. This time, she seems to be revamping her image with a more toned down look, and a hairless toy.

Hairless Toy is the name of Róisín’s new album, out May 11th, and the lead single “Exploitation” sets the tone for her comeback. Unfortunately, for Róisín, to many she is best known for the swagger-jacking claims many threw at Lady Gaga when people compared their styles of dress. However, that’s about as far as the comparisons should go. Unfortunately for us, she isn’t calling out anyone on “Exploitation” for exploiting her signature look.

The lead single is slow and hypnotizing. Its repetition puts you in an immediate trance reminiscent of Janet Jackson’s “Rock with U.”Its beauty is in its simplicity as more and more songs continue to throw bells and whistles at listeners. Róisín also continues to shine where others have fallen short in their attempts to merge lyricism with electronic beats. It’s a true art-pop merger.

It will be interesting to see where Róisín’s new album takes her. It’s unknown whether we’ll ever see a video for this song or any song in the future. According to a 2010 interview, she said she had a new way of promoting her music.

“…I haven’t planned beyond just putting the songs out there and letting them have their own life, and see how the music lives on its own, without videos, without a big promotion. It’s more just about getting songs out there and letting them have their own life.”

However, that was five years ago in the midst of record label trouble. The hard working pop star seems to have a reinvigorated outlook on music. In fact, she just released an Italian language EP titled Mi Senti this month even though she doesn’t speak a word of Italian.

She gave an interview last year where she talked about her current project.

“I have been incredibly productive as late…I’m working on an album – a Róisín Murphy album, which is going really well… I’ve been lazy for a long time. I have two children. But it’s all starting to converge at one time.”

Hopefully, this will be a big year for Róisín if she continues to consistently produce great songs like this one. She is set to perform at several music festivals across Europe through the summer to promote her latest effort.

I’m excited to see where this new era of the renewed Róisín takes her, are you?