The creator of Girl Power is back in the studio. We’re all unprepared.

Geri Halliwell, former Ginger Spice and genuinely ludicrous human being, has a largely impeccable history of creating flawless pop music. From her obviously legendary tenure in the Spice Girls to her almost faultless (and totally underrated) solo material, there’s no denying that Halliwell knows a hit when she sees one.

So start freaking out, because the “Lift Me Up” hitmaker is back for business. Find out more below:

Although Geri’s been working on a new record for a while now, she’s kept pretty tight-lipped on her progress, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that after the fiasco with Australian single “Half of Me” she may have given up on the project altogether.

Fear not! Taking to Twitter this morning she revealed:

So why should you care?

Despite having a run of number one singles in the UK during the late ’90s/early ’00s, shortly after her split from the Spice Girls, the rest of the world didn’t get to witness Halliwell at her peak, so you’d be forgiven not having heard her (quite brilliant) solo material. Luckily this London boy is on hand to guide you through it; here’s Halliwell’s three best solo moments:

1. The “Look At Me” Video

This black and white masterpiece featured the many sides of Halliwell, including a nun, a bride and a ***** (I know), and really there was no more fitting reintroduction to the newly-departed Spice Girl. Of course a special shout out has to go to the fact that she literally buried Ginger Spice, throwing an actual funeral for her red-headed alter-ego.

2. “Bag It Up” Live at the BRITs

After stealing the show at the ’97 BRIT Awards with her tiny Union Flag dress there was always going to be a lot of expectation surrounding Geri’s first solo BRIT performance, and boy did she deliver. Emerging from between a pair of giant legs, she proceeded to pole dance and lip-sync (it was the year 2000, people) through what will go down in history as the single greatest gayest performance of all time. Between the buff men in pink boxer-briefs and the dance-tastic music, Geri cemented her status as the shocking Queen of camp.

3. Almost the entirety of ‘Scream If You Wanna Go Faster’.

For Halliwell’s second solo offering, she traded in her ultra-ridiculous roots and worked with some solid producers (Rick Nowels and Stephen Lipson) to craft a more mature sound. The album was nearly perfect, save a dodgy (although extremely commercially successful) cover of “It’s Raining Men” for the Bridget Jones soundtrack, and showed off Halliwell’s left-lane writing style and hook-friendly tunes in a way ‘Schizophonic’ (her first LP) didn’t.

Third album ‘Passion’ is also worth a look even though it failed to make the same sort of chart impact as the first two. And yeah, okay, the less said about “Half of Me” the better, but no one’s perfect, are they?

Pumped about Ginger’s return yet?