Marina’s tea is extra hot today.


Marina and the Diamonds has shared her thoughts on TIDAL and they’re not overwhelmingly positive.

As articulate as she is talented, Marina Diamandis has leant her voice to a small group of artists who are speaking out against Jay Z’s streaming platform, TIDAL.

In a tweet this evening, Marina shared an excerpt from an interview she gave regarding the service and had this to say about TIDAL itself and the star-studded launch party:

Whilst Marina may not command as large an audience as some of her peers who have endorsed TIDAL, her tweet is still causing a stir in the music community, much as TIDAL itself has. Many people, especially those who are dedicated fans of artists affiliated with the project, have been quick to label Diamandis’ comments as sour grapes (no ‘FROOT’ pun intended) caused by her comparative lack of commercial success to those at the press conference. Nonetheless, it feels like an overwhelming majority agree with her sentiments.

Jay Z’s latest business venture may have succeeded in creating conversation about the way that we consume and purchase music but to say that it’s received an overwhelmingly positive response would be a stretch of the truth. In reality, it’s sparked derision, confusion and increasingly uninteresting think-pieces about Jay’s perception of the price of bottled water.

Marina’s over-arching point seems to be the same as many of TIDAL’s critics – there’s an intrinsic hypocrisy and contradiction in claiming that TIDAL will spark artistic creativity and benefit the consumer as much as the producer whilst simultaneously charging $20 a month for a service that boasts very few actual differences to largely-free competitor, Spotify.

Indeed, Marina hit the nail on the head when she said that TIDAL “feels very corporate” and that’s probably the sticking point that most people are facing. It appears to be less about restoring the value of music and more about making the very rich even richer.

Fellow British singer Lily Allen also had some less succinctly phrased but more passionately expressed thoughts on TIDAL, which you can check out on her Twitter.

Are you sold on TIDAL and its benefit to the music industry, or do you side with Marina and Lily?