The "Perfume" Music Video Petition

Britney Spears released her much-anticipated “Perfume” music video off “Britney Jean” directed by the legendary (especially in the ~Britney world~) Joseph Kahn, who’s directed some of the biggest videos of her career: “Stronger,” “Toxic,” “Gimme More” and “Womanizer.” Team Britney requested his services to create a fourth iconic video, but unfortunately after several roadblocks all that was produced is a string of glamour shots lacking any theme, climax or meaning. We get it: Britney Spears is one of the most stunning women in Hollywood, the world, the universe (Alien reference), no need to remind us something we’ve known since day one. When’s this **** gonna get dirty?

You see, “Perfume” is iconic in a way already. There’s potential for fans to get their hands on another storyline, rather… A storyline. Insiders told earlier on Monday the original ending wasn’t Britney crying like a poor lonely soul because her boyfriend just left her for another *****. She actually sets them both up and KILLS them, and ~the other girl~ turns out to be Britney. BAM: storyline, climax, drama. Exactly what a Britney Spears/Joseph Kahn video’s all about.

So, The

Since BH leaked the original ending, fans started a petition to get a director’s cut, and Joseph Kahn is down – he even Re-Tweeted the idea.

I’m not usually down for these sort of shenanigans, but in this case I think it’s important to defend Kahn’s artistic vision for this video.

What do ya say, Team Britney? Let’s pretend this was the practice run and get the real deal out for Xmas?