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Today’s part I of The X Factor season finale on FOX at 8PM, and Carly Rose needs your vote!

Carly’s done an amazing job transforming from an unknown to a superstar in front of millions, and Britney’s played a huge role as mentor. Carly winning would be a fantastic feat for both ladies, and it’s up to the Britney Army to make sure she takes home the grand prize!

Britney Tweeted fans: U’ve all been so supportive through the yrs. I c myself in Carly & it would mean the world if u supported her just the same 2night by voting

Please use #CarlyForTheWin to support our girl!

She told Extra:

“If she doesn’t win, I’m going to have to beat Tate up. Big time. I’m going to come to his house the next morning and beat the poop out of him.”

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Voice your support for Carly or tell us if you disagree and want Tate or Fifth Harmony to win.

Good luck tonight, ladies!

UPDATE: Photos and video of Britney and Carly on the red carpet:

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