Britney Spears dismissed a lot of pre-conceived notions about her Las Vegas residency in her documentary “I Am Britney Jean” that aired twice on E! Sunday night. Fans became so focused on Britney’s unconventional promotional schedule (Ok, I’ll just say it: lack of televised performances) that they lost sight of the real focus of her career right now. That is, until homegirl hired a production company to put fans’ minds at ease, or at the very least shut them up.

Viewers saw Britney Spears the pop princess superhero flying through water on stage, and Britney Spears the down-to-Earth southern girl who loves *** and watermelon bubble gum. Cameras followed her for several months during the initial stages gearing up for the show, including the announcement in the desert for Good Morning America, her visit with patients from The Children’s Hospital of OC, the transition period of rehearsals at a dance studio into the Axis theater in Vegas and downtime with her family. It’s candid look into a world seen by very few.

Touring the world for 15 years to staying put on the Las Vegas strip would be a big change for most pop veterans, but Britney’s known all along she’d land in Sin City, a place she describes as “profound,” “exciting” and “adventurous.”

“It’s such an overall place of celebration, and family and fun,” Britney says of Vegas. “I’ve been touring for the past four years and I’ve been in a different hotel room every night, and I just figured it’d be a really good place for the children, and the family. It seems like kind of an ideal situation.”

For a famous pop star with young kids, it really is. She recognizes the shift in her celebrity and reflects what it was like as a young twenty-something versus where she’s at now as a mother.

“When I first started out I didn’t care what anybody thought about me – I was like ‘this is great!’ But then 10 years later I realize:

You can’t really control what people think so you can’t really worry about what they think, and that attitude is really the one to have.”

A valuable lesson for someone who’s extremely shy in an industry that demands attention from you. That humility is a trait fans respect. While her competition is flaunting their latest fashion faux pas or brewing their next controversy, Britney wants nothing to do with that – a far cry from her roots in the world of celebrity. She was known for the shock, the scandal, the awe, but after her (as she puts it) dark period, Britney decided to hell with all of that. She needed to focus on being a healthy person for herself and her kids, and wants her fans to know she’s in a better place. Cue the personal “Britney Jean” album to assure it.

“There was a time in my life when I couldn’t ever leave the house without there being 20 cars following me,” Britney said, “and it was a really difficult time because I love to go out, I love to do things and I felt very alienated from the public. As time passed, they lightened up and kind of went away after I wouldn’t come out of the house for two years [she laughs]… it was confusing for me… I’m particularly not made for this industry because I am so shy. It’s not something that I deal with so well.”

The William Orbit-produced track, “Alien,” illustrates that side of fame and fortune for Britney. It’s so personal to her, she’s making it the next single and adding it to the second run of shows in Vegas.

It’s refreshing to see Britney speak up, because the opportunity is pretty rare. Most times her voice is heard it’s carefully navigated through scripts and strategic answers, but “I Am Britney Jean” was a platform for her to be: (word of the year) personal, even if she “thinks before she speaks.”

The set, the stage, the theater in Las Vegas is stunning. Until today, everything about the show was top secret. You had a better chance cracking the 9/11 conspiracy than seeing costumes, props or songs in the Baz Halpin-directed show. Keeping things under wraps is just part of the magic of the entire show. She’s rehearsed many hours a day for months on end to get it just right, and she’s just one week away from the big premiere.

It really is Britney’s world; there’s fire, an LED-powered snowfall and a giant tree where she’ll bungee off into a waterfall that’s programmed to showcase different designs and patterns.

The setlist:

1. Work *****
2. Womanizer
3. 3
4. Oops… I Did It Again
5. …Baby One More Time
6. Me Against The Music
7. Slave 4 U
8. Toxic
9. Circus
10. Scream and Shout
11. Till The World Ends
12. Piece Of Me
13. Hot As Ice
14. Boys
15. Perfume
16. I Wanna Go
17. Lucky
18. Everytime
19. Stronger
20. If U Seek Amy
21. Get Naked (I Got A Plan)
22. (You Drive Me) Crazy
23. Do Somethin’
24. Freakshow
25. Gimme More

Britney Surprisingly Candid In "I Am Britney Jean"

Watch it here:

If you’re ready for a wild ride, be sure to buy tickets to this major spectacle. Are you ready for what’s next?

“Piece Of Me” kicks off December 27 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.