Tonight, November 3, 2011, in Newcastle, UK is Britney Spears’ 61st show off the

Femme Fatale Tour

This post will update all the juicy details, news and photos throughout the night. Keep checking back, and stick with the number one Britney Spears site for all things Femme Fatale!

Look for the UPDATES!

UPDATE: New pics!

UPDATE: New videos!

More videos after the jump!

UPDATE: New Tweets!

Newcastle u were beautiful. Can’t wait 2 come back -Brit RT @IluvGaryBarlow you were brilliant tonite! Newcastle loves you! Please come back

I heard you & <3 u too -Brit RT @AndrewK949: you were amazing tonight did you hear me screaming "I Love You Britney"? Xxxxx Best night ever Glad u had fun. Followed u! -Brit RT @BadKidFenty: youwere AMAZING genuinely the best concer I've ever beent to please follow me! I LOVE you Thanks girl. Love you too -Brit RT @whatlauraloves: you were AMAZING tonight, best thing to happen to Newcastle EVER! Love ya Brit! Xx Awww. Happy birthday @noorabass! -Brit RT @A__Said: me and @noorabass are drenched in sweat but you gave her the best birthday gift ever!

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