Tonight, December 6, 2011, in Monterrey, Mexico is Britney Spears’ 76th show off the

Femme Fatale Tour

This post will update all the juicy details, news and photos throughout the night. Keep checking back, and stick with the number one Britney Spears site for all things Femme Fatale!

Look for the UPDATES!

UPDATE: New pics!

UPDATE: New Tweets!

Well you’re just too sweet! RT @piinkyjessy Bessst night of my life! I love u so much thanks for making my dream come true!

Followed ya 🙂 Glad u had fun! RT @JerrySpears #MonterreyLovesYou Youuuu rocked tonight in monterrey love you girl follow me back pleasee

Awww thx love u Monterrey <3 RT @freddrdz You are a dream my queen! Monterrey loves u!

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