Tonight, July 9, 2011, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is Britney Spears’ thirteenth show off the

Femme Fatale Tour

This post will update all the juicy details, news and photos throughout the night. Keep checking back, and stick with the number one Britney Spears site for all things Femme Fatale!

Rumor has it she won’t perform “He About To Lose Me,” or “Toxic,” plus there’s no catwalk? Whatever, it’s Britney, *****!

Look out for the UPDATES!

UPDATE: New Tweet pic from Britney!

My new dance crew. You ready Milwaukee??? -Britney

UPDATE: Another Tweet

Beautiful night Milwaukee! Love playing outdoors. You feeling it? I hear all of you under the stage….-Brit

UPDATE: Lots of shaky things at tonight’s show. For one, she cut “Womanizer” and “He About To Lose Me.” The lift fell on one of her dancers (heard she is ok), and no catwalk. Nicki Minaj also did not perform “Till The World Ends” with Brit in the end.

UPDATE: New photos!


UPDATE: New videos:

UPDATE: New Meet and Greets. First two are the The Flaming Lips:

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