Tonight, October 24, 2011, in Dublin, Ireland is Britney Spears’ 55th show off the

Femme Fatale Tour

This post will update all the juicy details, news and photos throughout the night. Keep checking back, and stick with the number one Britney Spears site for all things Femme Fatale!

Look for the UPDATES!


UPDATE: New vids:

More videos after the jump!

UPDATE: New Tweets!

Thx girl. Dublin you ROCKED…. -Brit RT @Samantha_Styles: THANK YOU FOR THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! You have no idea what you mean to me <3 Can't wait to come back! -Brit RT @DavidSmurphy95: tonight was just amazing, was dancing all night! Thank you so much!! Come back soon So nice to meet you 🙂 -Brit RT @Queen_BXx: OMG I JUST MET @britneyspears THAT WAS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!! :))))) Glad u had fun! -Brit RT @lullyguhl: OWNED Dublin tonight!!! Genuinely cried through the last 3 songs!! A-MAZING!!!! Awww thank you -Brit RT @Ailbheqd: I got soaked today waiting for you but it was SO WORTH IT!! You Rocked Dublin so hard!! Love you so much!

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