The Official Britney Spears Q & A Twitter Session Post

Britney hosted a Q & A with the Britney Army on Tuesday. Sort of.

Fans used #AskBritneyJean with their question in the hopes to get some juicy deets on “Britney Jean,” but the overall vibe from fans seems to be disappointment? No. Sadness? Not that either. More like…

During her hour-long chat, Britney answered questions about “Britney Jean,” her eighth studio album out December 3rd. She just failed to mention any specifics.

It’s classic thinking in the Britney Army: she’ll open up, reveal her real desires and share something, anything. But alas, it’s Britney Spears 2013 and she doesn’t want to go that route anymore. It’s understandable, her opening up in the past caught her in the crossfires, but all I could imagine as I refreshed my Twitter feed during the Q & A was Britney telling Hannah:

I’m just being dramatic… she DID confirm a new song off “Britney Jean!” You know, the one by William Orbit called “Alien.” D’oh!

Not much new information was given to fans this time because the Queen is all about surprises. If you want to know more about “Britney Jean,” you betta work ***** will just have to wait and see. December 3rd is right around the corner!

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