With a “Gimme More” entrance and all, the crowd certainly went wild to see the Pop Queen make her return to UK television, and on the wildly zany “Chatty Man” nonetheless.

The interview started off a bit slow with Britney admitting she liked Londoners accents. That’s like David Beckham saying he likes Americans’ accents. Like, what? But it’s cool, she recovered with a story about her buying mini matches at a 99 cents store during her stay.

“I actually went and got these matches that are this little [cue thumb and forefinger pinched together]. They’re like the tiniest matches you’ve ever seen, and when you use them, you burn your finger … They’re so cute because they’re so tiny. They’re really cool.”

Britney then dips back into a little awkwardness when she tells Alan the reasoning behind the name “Work *****” is a nod to “the gays.”

“It’s kind of like a respect to the gays as a term of endearment.”

Alan: Reeeeally?


Fortunately she picks up the pace when she begins talking about the new album, saying it’s about “celebrating and having a good time.” She also mentions there’s a few tracks about her recent breakup with ex-fiance Jason Trawick.

“Most of the songs are about celebrating having a good time,” she added, “but I went through a break-up with this record so some of the stuff that I went through is on the record.”

Of course she talks about Vegas, working out and Miley Cyrus Will.I.Am in the interview.

Towards the very end is when we see Britney really light up, cat walking around with a whip Alan gave her and shouts at his co-workers on command: “WORK *****!” -cracks whip-

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