Making history!

Taylor Swift makes history!

Swift might be the most business savvy pop star in the game. She bundled Reputation with ticket sales for her upcoming tour, launched two different Target-exclusive magazines that included the album and on the last day of the charting week, discounted the price of those zines to entice the final stragglers to shell out.

It worked. According to BuzzAngle Music via Variety, Swift sold 1.28 million in pure album sales. There is a limited amount of audio streams to be accounted for, which could bump that number to 1.29 million. *If* that’s the case, Swift just scored her biggest debut week ever (1989 sold 1.287 million copies in its opening week).

That means Reputation is the best-selling album of 2017 and will give Swift her fourth No. 1 album. She’s the only artist to have four different albums sell a million copies in a week since 1991.

We’ll have to wait for Billboard to confirm these figures, but early estimates predicted this exact figure, so it’s safe to assume they’re accurate. We’ll update this post when Billboard announces.

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    1. People sure love to throw the word ‘Queen’ around. The figure, whilst impressive, still fell massively short of the 2mil her record company delusionally predicted and of Adele’s 1st week sales. Heck, even Oops! had a bigger opening week.

        1. True, but that was also at a time people weren’t encouraged to buy albums for “tour ticket points”, or at a time when the artist weren’t offering 2 different magazines sold with the album to increase sales which would therefore double her ******** fanbase sales. Not to mention the discounted price of $13 for the last day sales cycle to maximise first week sales. All smart business moves by her team.

          What Taylor sold is very impressive, no one is denying that, but calling her “Queen” is far reaching. But whatever tickles your pickle.

          1. So had the record company only predicted 1mil in sales, you’d be singing a different tune? Yes, you’re calling her sales impressive but you’re also quickly diverting to backhanded comments to try and minimize its impressiveness. Also, you’re bringing up her marketkng tactics/strategies as if they somehow created a special circumstance in her album sales; $13 for an album is discounted to you? I remember buying Britney’s Femme Fatale for $8.99 at Target the week of its release, but I’m sure nobody tried to say she had an advantage. Point is that despite your low grade criticism, the girl dominates the charts.

          2. Whether it’s critism, opinion or fact that I’m pointing out contributing factors to her sales is however you or anyone else wishes to interpret it.

            My point was, calling someone “Queen” would suggest they are the top of the game – better than others so to speak – and despite Taylor’s accomplishment that is not the case. If we’re talking album sales and chart achievements then that crown would, in the current century, belong to Adele.

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