Earlier this afternoon, Britney.com claimed “something MAJOR is about to happen.” Well, here it is!

Check out the Britney Global Fan Fiction Contest! LYKE OMG!


Calling all Britney fans from ACROSS THE GLOBE! Time to let your imagination run wild with the official Britney Global Fan Fiction Contest. It’s all about YOU. YOU choose a song from B’s Circus album, and YOU write a fiction story about it. The best part? The grand-prize winner will get to see their Britney-inspired story turned into an OFFICIAL digitally animated music video, seen by Britney’s team and fans all over the world!

So what are you waiting for? Step write up, step write up! (You love my jokes.) Click HERE for official rules and to submit your story. xx♥

PS Here’s a tip, from a writer to a writer: Include as many details as possible, and be wildly creative. Come up with an amazing, eye-catching title for your story. And above all, think WWBD?

Way to get fans hopes up YET AGAIN!

Notice how they didn’t even say Britney will see this ****…

Good luck?

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