Today’s Sunday, God’s day, and I figure he’d appreciate this post. In Touch published a story this week in their newest issue claiming Britney hasn’t had *** in 7 months. Britney, who often trains at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina Del Rey, joked with a friend while running on a treadmill about how she doesn’t have a man according to a witness at the hotel’s gym (who must have amazing long-distance hearing). The singer recently confided to a pal, “I lost my mojo,” and hasn’t been intimate with anyone in seven months. I can’t imagine Britney saying “mojo.”

Jamie, who manages Britney’s affairs through a conservatorship, is always around Britney – and if he isn’t a security guard or assistant is. “How do you make out with a guy while your dad watches?” Britney joked to another friend.

“Even though Britney regularly texts ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib — and he sometimes sneaks over to her house for nighttime swims — the photographer’s visits been strictly platonic” reports In Touch. “There’s no way that Jamie would allow Adnan and Britney to be alone,” an insider reveals.

Aside from Jamie’s strict rules, the medication the 26-year-old has been taking to combat what is believed to be bipolar disorder appears to have put a dent in her *** drive. “She is on a powerful regimen of prescription drugs,” the insider shares. “One of the side effects seems to me lack of sexual interest.”

Celebrity rehab therapist Dr. Drew Pinsky, who does not treat nor has he ever met Britney, says her outrageous sexual behavior could have been a symptom of her illness. This guy bugs the **** out of me by the way. Just thought I’d throw that in there. “With bipolar, you become hypersexual,” Dr.Drew tells In Touch. “Before Britney began treatment, sleeping around with different men could have been the result of the manic state she was in. I am seeing the results of good psychiatry and good parenting.”

“Right now, Britney isn’t looking for a lover, She’s looking for a boyfriend,” her pal shares. “She really wants a guy that she can cuddle with.”

Check out scans of the article above. Mojo.

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