The king of pop continues to outshine literally everybody.


The king of pop continues to outshine literally everybody.

Though the legend is no longer with us, his music continues to inspire millions. And make millions.

According to a new report from Forbes, the late Michael Jackson raked in $825 million in 2016, giving him the largest single-year payday by any entertainer, living or dead, ever recorded.

It’s largely due to the sale of Jackson’s half of the Sony/ATV music publishing catalogue, which holds valuable copyrights of the Beatles, Taylor Swift, Eminem and others. Forbes reports the sale was announced in March and closed in late September.

“This transaction further allows us to continue our efforts of maximizing the value of Michael’s Estate for the benefit of his children,” said estate co-executors John Branca and John McClain in a statement. Sony Entertainment chief Michael Lynton added: “This acquisition will enable Sony to more quickly adapt to changes in the music publishing business.”

Nearly a billion dollars will do that, yes.

I am not privy to any insider info, but something feels icky about it.

Anyway, Forbes has a list of the Top Dead Celebrity Earnings for 2016, which also feels icky, and it looks like this:

1. Michael Jackson – $825 million
2. Charles Schulz – $48 million
3. Arnold Palmer – $40 million
6. Bob Marley – $21 million
4. Elvis Presley – $27 million
5. Prince – $25 million
6. Bob Marley – $21 million
7. Theador Geiel “Dr. Seuss” – $20 million
8. John Lennon – $12 million
9. Albert Einstein – $11.5 million
10. Bettie Page – $11 million
11. David Bowie – $10.5 million
12. Steve McQueen – $9 million
13. Elizabeth Taylor – $8 million

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