Britney is in hot water with DC’s Verizon Center owner Ted Leonsis after completely ignoring him during a recent run-in – leaving fans in a heated debate. Should Britney acknowledge people on her downtime? Or is being Britney Spears a 24/7 job.

From Leonsis’ site:

Last week I was in Chicago attending a board meeting.

After a board dinner, I left the restaurant and traveled back to my hotel with a business associate.

We got out of the car and we talked for a few moments before I headed into the hotel; and he walked to his apartment a few blocks away. While we were chatting; an SUV pulled up and a woman; an older woman and 3 burly men got out of the SUV and walked past us. I glanced over and said to my associate, “I think that was Britney Spears”.

He said “No way! wonder what she is doing in Chicago?”.

We talked some more and then I walked to the elevator that goes to the lobby. I went to the lobby and walked through it to the elevator bank that takes you to you room.

As I turned the corner, I saw this same group of people huddling and then elevator arrived the door opened and we all walked in.

So now it is me, a younger woman, an older woman and 3 body guard types in the elevator.

I press my button.12th floor.

The elevator heads up.

I turn to the side to look for a moment to see this huddled group of people. It is Britney Spears. She is wearing a hoody sweat shirt and sweat pants.

It is a bit uncomfortable; uncomfortable silence. I eventually say “Hello Britney – excuse me for saying this but I own the Verizon Center in DC. You played a concert there last month and my family enjoyed the show very much – thank you”.

I immediately feel like a geek for saying a word.

Britney doesn’t respond. Doesn’t acknowledge that something has been said – doesn’t move – doesn’t say anything. Has a blank stare on her face. She is far away. A body guard slowly moves right in front of me; is at eye level with me and doesn’t say a word. Just stands right in front of me. Passive. But he is there. Silent. Looking into my eyes.

My floor is reached 10 seconds later. I step outside and the elevator continues upward.

I walk off and laugh to myself.

And think. “Yikes”. THAT was weird.

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