The Light Is Coming: Ariana Grande’s New Album ‘Sweetener’ Actually Expected To Drop In August*

May 30, 2018 By Jordan Miller

Ariana Grande’s forthcoming album ‘Sweetener’ will intersect our orbit in August.

Ariana Grande’s forthcoming album Sweetener will intersect our orbit in August.

UPDATE 1 // MAY 30:

So what is the truth?



There are conflicting reports floating around regarding when Ariana Grande’s new album is expected to drop.

It was previously believed Sweetener would drop in July, but later fans believed it was actually August (see below).

Welp, in Ari’s new interview with The Fader, the site claims July is still a-go.

At this point, just have no expectations and cross your fingers for July. I love delusion.


UPDATE 2 // MAY 30: 

The Fader updated their article to say August. An August release date. SMH.




When the pop star first announced her new album on The Tonight Show last week, fans were under the impression it would debut July 20.



Ariana said on the 20th of every month leading up to the premiere, she would release something special. She added there were only three 20ths until the drop date, leading fans to believe that meant July 20th, but what the “No Tears Left To Cry” singer meant was there are three 20ths in between now and the release date. I’m horrible at math, but if my calculus is correct that means August 20. Meaning, we have to wait 30 days longer than we thought.

Also, Ari is going off about the planet Neptune and I don’t really understand. Apparently there is a cosmic connection between the release date and the giant blue planet, but I can’t share my wealth of astronomy knowledge with you today.

It’s also worth mentioning Ariana Tweeted what appears to be a new song title: “The Light Is Coming.”

See what’s up below:




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