The Late Late Show’s Christmas Carpool Karaoke

December 18, 2015 By Jessica

Take a look back at 2015’s high notes with James Corden’s carpool guests.


Carpool Karaoke has emerged as one of 2015’s most popular viral series.

Based around the Californian carpool lane, which commuters can use if more than one person is in the car with them, James Corden invites a different celebrity to jump in his car and as they head to their destination, belt out a few tunes.

The trend has become increasingly popular as the year progressed, with Justin Bieber’s turn garnering over 40 million views in 6 months and One Direction’s garnering over 4 million in just over a day. The cruisy karaoke also attracted some big names, with Hollywood legends Stevie Wonder and Rod Stewart taking a spin too.

In the year’s final show, James Corden put together a montage of all the celeb carpools, as they sing a Christmas tune (and yell at unsuspecting bystanders):

Who would YOU like to see do Carpool Karaoke in 2016?