A haunting electro-tinged earworm.

French artist The Last Port crafted a haunting remix of DeModa electro-tinged track “Downtown Glow” featuring London-based artist Slow Shudder.

The remix stems from the original that lives on a 4-track remix EP titled Lucid Dreams via Blind Contour Collective. The Last Port’s fingerprints can be seen all over the melodic song, flexing his production guns with a magnetic background but allowing Slow Shudder’s vocals to shine.

“Slow Shudder’s voice obsessed me since the first time I heard it,” The Last Port tells BreatheHeavy.com of the remix. “Even if the song is very positive and catchy, there’s this nostalgic tone that totally fits my universe. So the vocal line was my starting point, and I reworked everything around it, adding my touch with analog synths, guitars and percussions.”

“I need you to know
that the distance will pull us apart
and it will hurt like hell
but you can hurt me”

What does TLP want listeners to take away from his work? “I want them to have a good time listening to it,” he says, “and I hope that it will bring them a full range of emotions. I think that there’s something hypnotic and addictive with the vocals, with the vocal chops in the chorus, with the repetition of the main melody, that will make you replay it.”

Give it a spin below:

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