The Kesha vs Dr. Luke Drama Continues

The Kesha / Dr. Luke lawsuit went from bad to worse…

According to TMZ, Luke is attacking Kesha’s character again, claiming that she is indeed a liar. What’s gone down?

A lot, actually.

This is now basically a full-blown nightmare with both camps hurling insults, allegations and defamatory quips at one another. In the most recent rumblings from the case, Dr. Luke claims that Kesha lied about the writing credits of “Die Young.” He claims that she “proudly wrote the controversial” lyrics, and only after the tragedy of Sandy Hook did she retract her writing credits with the intent to defame Luke’s name and image.

The Kesha Vs Dr. Luke Drama Continues

It’s hard to make heads-or-tails of the whole situation, but one thing is certain… it is beyond ugly at this point. Bringing up one of the nation’s most tragic events and using it to gain leverage in a civil case is both unnecessarily bold and unsavory. Luke’s camp is really intent on portraying Kesha as a liar, and Kesha seems to be seeking justice.

Time will tell…