Three’s a crowd.

Three’s a crowd.

Katy Perry dropped by Ellen today to confirm she’ll be a judge on the upcoming American Idol reboot, and talk about her upcoming album Witness and accompanying tour. In doing so, they flashed the artwork above on the screen. Word going around the worldwide web is that it’s the official artwork for Witness.

Perry hasn’t confirmed yet if that’s the cover or not.

Here’s what was given to us on Monday with the tour announcement (the only difference is the text):

No one asked, but my thoughts: if her entire era centered around this theme… I might be into it, but it feels so left-field compared to the vibrant-blonde promotional images we were presented with first. Also, it’s so unmistakably David Bowie-inspired. She hasn’t mentioned his influence, so it feels like a rip-off. This era isn’t going so well.

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