Christina Aguilera honored Whitney Houston and the 25th anniversary of the film The Bodyguard at the AMAs on Sunday.

There was no shortage of high flying vocals during Christina’s performance at the American Music Awards, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. The Internet is going insane over Pink’s facial expression in the midst of Xtina’s Whitney covers – she sang a medley of Houston’s hit songs, “I Will Always Love You,” I Have Nothing” “Run to You” “I’m Every Woman.”

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14 Responses

  1. she did an amazing Job, i mean, first of all, she knew that everybody was going to compare, second she did it completely live, her vocals were on point. she tried to make it sound like her instead on copying whitney versions and thats actually a good thing. stop the shade, still, she was one of the best options.

  2. Christina tries too hard. She isn’t real. That translates in all her performances. Besides the fact she isn’t a very nice person in real life. That’s no a secret. I thought the performance sucked. It was overhyped as usual and there is a handful of people I think could have performed the tribute with more feeling and grace.

  3. Oversang without hitting all the notes. Kelly Clarkson would have been a better choice, but she was too busy slaying with P!nk and then killing us with her AMAZING voice on MI and Love So Soft!

  4. Really wonderful tribute, there are people who think that making tributes is imitating the artist and it is not, at least Christina Aguilera is not one of those who imitate the artists to whom they pay homage and she knows how to make her own version of the iconic themes of Whitney Houston and that is precisely what gave that important touch to the presentation she made in #AMAs, Christina never imitates she performs unique tributes with her spectacular voice and talent.

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